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RE: Cilley/Sealey/Ceilley/family

Hi Gary,

Yes, we did have a conversation at the New Hampshire Games last year.  I do
have a copy of the Cilley Family book, however, there is still no mention of
the Cilley's/Sinclairs I am looking for.

Hope to see you at this year's Games!

Mary Selver

	From: 	Gary Sinclair[SMTP:sinclair@gis.net]
	Sent: 	Wednesday, March 11, 1998 5:15 PM
	To: 	Mary Selver
	Subject: 	Cilley/Sealey/Ceilley/family

	Greetings.  I believe we spoke at the last New Hampshire Games.  In
looking over information I have I see nothing of the persons you wrote
about.  I did find mention of a book History of the Cilley Family by Gen
Jonathan Prince Cilley of Rockland Me.  Possibly you can locate the book in
a library and it will help.
	Yours Aye
	Gary Sinclair