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Re: Suggestion

I enjoy this list, myself.  I am just waiting for someone to mention MY part
of the Sinclair clan!


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From: Bananah <Bananah@aol.com>
To: sinclair@zilker.net <sinclair@zilker.net>
Date: Thursday, March 12, 1998 11:36 AM
Subject: Re: Suggestion

>Bill Sinclair -
>This is the "other" opinion.  Let's not put "pressure" on the chief. Let's
>grateful for any information he wishes to share.
>My e mail has increased, also, but am glad to read all of it, answering if
>have information and deleting if not.  Ten minutes max a day.
>Had an uncle named Bill Sinclair--loved him dearly.
>Best wishes,
>Wanda Sinclair Harness