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Too many, Too few

Hi folks.

Today is my first day on this mailing list, and I have noticed a flurry of
activity over...Well, a flurry of activity. I am part of several other
lists, and I have noticed a few ways of politely keeping traffic down while
still being heard and getting the information we need:

1. Generally, I myself try to avoid any "I agree!" or "Me too!" posts. If
there is substantial bit of information I want to get across, I will send
it, but I try to avoid spamming the entire list with one sentence comments.

2. If somebody out there has a question that I want to answer or I want to
ask something to them, I will email it directly to them and avoid
cluttering up everybody else's mailbox with something they might not be
interested in. General info (that in our case pertains to all things
Sinclair) is fine, because somebody might get a piece of info on geaneology
or history that they never even knew they wanted. The same goes for general
questions, because somebody you have never met might know the answer you
are looking for.

3. I *love* the delete button. If I look it over and there is nothing to
interest me, out it goes. I don't let myself get worked up over a full
mailbox, because what might not be important to me was important to the
person who wrote it in the first place.

Sorry if all of this sounds arrogant and "me, me, me", or If I come across
as a net-based know-it-all. I just wanted to share with you what I have
found to keep lists a bit easier to manage.

Thanks for letting me get my two cents of spam in,

Jason David Sinclair