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Re: Sinclairs of Argyll

Wasn't the Darien/Darian expedition to Panama? with the resultant loss of a
significant proportion of the participants to illness.

(The Battlefield Band do a good tune based on this event).

Regards Nick

P.S. shouldn't that be the Crinan Canal, linking the two sides of the Mull
of Kintyre and thus cutting out quite a long sea voyage around this

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From: Margaret Rintoul/Neil Sinclair <rinsin@globalserve.net>
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Date: 11 March 1998 21:24
Subject: Re: Sinclairs of Argyll

>Greetings to all and cousin Karen;
>As this information is of general geneological interest,
>here goes.
>It pertains to the Sinclair family of Argyll during the
>period 1700.
>According to the Book of Argyll there were no Sinclairs in
>Argyll in 1685.
>We suspect they arrived in 1700-1720 and are listed as
>"strangers" to the county, the home of Campbells and
>There were a number of migrations from Argyll. The Sinclairs
>may have been part of any of these migrations most being
>The Darian expedition occured in 1685 to Jamaca.
>The Crinian Company was established about 1730 for the many
>migrations from the
>county. They left from the port of Crinian.
>Duncan Campbell of Kilduskland formed a party in 1735.
>A group migrated in 1739 to Cape Fair North Carolina, and
>were "in expectation of a greater number of the poorer sort
>to follow!)
>From 1740 there were many migrations from the County.
>In 1784 Alexander Campbell migrated to Quebec.
>In 1770 Dugald Stewart migrated in the Annabell to Prince
>Edward Island. (Sinclairs were on the ship and traced since)
>In 1819, 1829 a number of migrations went to Middlesex
>County in Ontario.
>We mention some (far from all) the migrations because they
>provide a necessary link from the tracing back to Scotland.
>If you know the name of the vessel or the party organizing
>the migration it helps.
>So in summary the Sinclair migrated to Argyll around 1720.
>One migration was to North Carolina and another to North
>We have the list of some of the parishes and have posted on
>the Sinclair guest book.
>Karen the snail mail should arrive shortly.
>Neil Sinclair
>descendant of Glendaruel, Argyll