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Re: Sinclairs of Argyll

Greetings to all and cousin Karen;
As this information is of general geneological interest,
here goes.
It pertains to the Sinclair family of Argyll during the
period 1700.
According to the Book of Argyll there were no Sinclairs in
Argyll in 1685.
We suspect they arrived in 1700-1720 and are listed as
"strangers" to the county, the home of Campbells and
There were a number of migrations from Argyll. The Sinclairs
may have been part of any of these migrations most being
The Darian expedition occured in 1685 to Jamaca.
The Crinian Company was established about 1730 for the many
migrations from the
county. They left from the port of Crinian.
Duncan Campbell of Kilduskland formed a party in 1735.
A group migrated in 1739 to Cape Fair North Carolina, and
were "in expectation of a greater number of the poorer sort
to follow!)
>From 1740 there were many migrations from the County.
In 1784 Alexander Campbell migrated to Quebec.
In 1770 Dugald Stewart migrated in the Annabell to Prince
Edward Island. (Sinclairs were on the ship and traced since)

In 1819, 1829 a number of migrations went to Middlesex
County in Ontario.

We mention some (far from all) the migrations because they
provide a necessary link from the tracing back to Scotland.
If you know the name of the vessel or the party organizing
the migration it helps.

So in summary the Sinclair migrated to Argyll around 1720.
One migration was to North Carolina and another to North

We have the list of some of the parishes and have posted on
the Sinclair guest book.

Karen the snail mail should arrive shortly.

Neil Sinclair
descendant of Glendaruel, Argyll