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My name is Mary Selver and I have been working with Pete Cummings, the Clan
Sinclair Genealogist on the 600th Celebration Committee in New England.
Pete is the one who pointed me to this site and I thinik it is great that so
many Sinclairs can get together to discuss our family heritage.

My gggrandmother was Mary Jane Sinclair who was born in Dennysville, ME
about 1824.  She married Samuel L. Silley (or Cilley).  I have been unable
to find the name of her father and all I know of her mother is her name was
Abbie Sinclair.

I am quite sure she was a decendent of John Sinkler from Exeter, NH as many
of the Sinklers (Sinclairs) intermarried with the Cilley's in that area.

Would love to hear from anyone who might have more information on this
branch of the family.

Mary Selver
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