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Wayman died in Loudon Co., VA in 1762 leaving a wife named Hester and seven
children. Alexander, Isaac. Robert. Mary. George, Waymon Jr. and Elizabeth.
The youngest child was eight years old. Hester was not Wayman's first wife and
was not the children's mother.  Hester and Wayman had made a premarital
contract (1760) in which they agreed not to claim each other's estate. Hester
moved out after Wayman's death, and went on to marry another husband, her
fourth.  A grandmother named Mary Shirley came to take care of the children.
(I guess Hester didn't want to be strapped down with a bunch of young uns to
raise.  Sounds like she was a wild woman who liked her freedom. )   Some St
Clairs don't like to talk much about Hester since she didn't have any children
by Wayman she is just another name in the pot. The surnames I have for Hester
are Smallwood (Smith) ( Linton).  I am assuming that her surname was Smallwood
at the time of her marriage to Wayman.