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Brad Sinkler ancestors

Jean Grigsby:
According to my father (Robert Earl Sinkler) our family did come from the
Wayne/Clay county IL area. There is a good population of Sinklers in the
Effingham county, IL area for your info. I do not know if Issac's brothers
and sisters came to Illinois with him. How do I get a copy of your book
Sinkler-Sinclair-St.Clair? It looks like it would be a good reference to
have. For your records my given name is Bradley Wayne Sinkler and my father
is Robert Earl Sinkler. His father is Earl Byron Sinkler who is the son of
Charles Sinkler. Charles' father was named Joseph. Joseph's father was
either Issac or Bastro (according to Mr. Raschke). I've only been at this
for about two weeks and I'm at a crossroads with Issac and Bastro. There is
a story in our family that our name was originally Sinclair and around the
time of the Tea Pot Dome scandal it was changed to Sinkler. Legend has it
that the Sinclair children were being harrassed at school because they had
the same last name as one of the crooks in the scandal so their father,
hoping to take some heat off them, changed their name to Sinkler. I have
not been able to confirm this. Thanks for all of your help Jean.

                                              Back to the hunt,
                                              Brad Sinkler