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Re: John Bean - Elizabeth his dau.


See http://kingcrest.com/sinclair/bibliography.html-ssi about
where to get the Morrison book. I have a copy and if you would
list some of the names that you are searching for, I will take a
look at the index to the book and see if there is anything on them.

Paul Sinclair--

--- Original Message of dgaskill (05:29 AM 3/6/98 -0500)---
>Sorry, Toni, but I don't have a copy of the book itself.  All I
have are
>photocopies of pages from it that most directly connect to my
line.  I
>photocopied them from the Morrison book owned by the genealogy
library at
>Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It is a wonderful book in many ways
(although now
>getting dated) and I would be surprised if it didn't include
>information on your Canadian branches.   I seem to recall
seeing a post
>from somebody somewhere out here in cyberville advertising the
book for
>sale -- or maybe I'm thinking of something else.  Not sure.
Does anyone
>else know where the Morrison book can be purchased?  
>Dave Gaskill
>> From: Antonia Sinclair <asflwr@icom.ca>
>> To: sinclair@zilker.net
>> Subject: Re: John Bean - Elizabeth his dau.
>> Date: Thursday, March 05, 1998 5:18 AM
>> Hello Everyone
>> I'm sorry that I don't have any information for you Kimmy;
but Dave, do
>you know if there is any information regarding the Sinclairs in
Canada, or
>the Isle of Islay in the book you referred to? (The History of
the Sinclair
>Family in
>> Europe and America)  If so, I'd like to get a copy of it to
add to my
>> collection (dining room table- 6 inches thick)
>> Toni Sinclair