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Old Wars in a New World

That's the headline of an article on page 22 of Scotland on Sunday
for 7 December 1977, sent to me by my informant in Edinburgh.
Subtitle: Expat clans clash over how to commemorate Scots thought
to have found America.
Byline: Noel Young.

It has a nice map of Prince Henry Sinclair's likely route across
the Atlantic (except it shows him leaving directly from Kirkwall
when I thought he left from the Faroes) plus a picture of the
marker at the Westford Knight and a Clann Gunn coat of arms.
It's a newspaper article, so naturally it plays up contention
between Gunn and Sinclair over how to commemorate the 600th anniversary.
It quotes Bill Collins, chairman of the Westford Knight Committee,
Pete Cummings, chairman of the Prince Henry Project Committee,
and Jimmy Gunn, president-elect of Clann Gunn in North America.
It at least skims the highlights of the Prince Henry voyage story.

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