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William Sinclair descendents

I have been searching for the parents of my great great grandfather, 
William Sinclair, born in Calder neighborhood, Halkirk Parish, Caithness 
c. 177l for many years. He died in 1842 in Wick.  I have been through 
the cemetery records of the Wick Parish and found dozens of William 
Sinclairs buried in the Parish Cemetery.  However none had middle names, 
few have birth dates and some do not even have date of death.

Last summer I searched the Old Parish Cemetery in Halkirk and found 
several William Sinclair graves, but none matched my ancestor.  I did 
find a grave stone of a William Sinclair b. 1838, d. 1912 and his wife, 
Elizabeth Alexander.

My middle name is Henderson (John Henderson Sinclair).  This was a 
family name evidently with the generation of my great great grandfather, 
because distant cousins have the name "John Henderson Sinclair", too. 
Was your ancestor's middle name "Henderson"?

If my geneological research into my great great great grandparents  
(William Sinclair and Christian Gun, married 1751, Reay Parish, 
Caithness, is correct, my puzzle is solved. However my great grreat 
grandfather's birth record was destroyed in a fire in the Parish Church, 
Halkirk, hence there is no record there of his parents names. However we 
are building our geneological chart on the basis of a Morman record of 
the marriage of William Sinclair and Christian Gun who were residents of 
Dorrey and Shurrey, villages in and near the Calder neighborhood.CDn

John Henderson Sinclair