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Sinclair connections

I am pleased to be a part of the Sinclair mailing list.  Like many others, I
am descended from John Sinkler of Exeter, New Hampshire.  I am an
archaeologist and a fourth-generation Coloradan living in Montrose,
Colorado.  My primary interest (in addition to my family's Sinclair lineage)
is the history of the Sinclairs in Scotland, particularly their political
and military involvement during the Wars of Independence (ca. 1297-1328) and
the Presbyterian Revolution (1625-49) and subsequent Cromwellian period.  I
have seen a bit on the former, especially some good information put together
by Pete Cummings.  Anyone with information on Sinclairs during either of
these time periods, please share it!  Also, I am concerned with the tendency
of many to uncritically characterize John Sinkler of Exeter as the
great-grandson of George Sinclair, the 4th Earl of Caithness, a conclusion
based on 100-year old research.  While it is certainly possible that this is
true, this relationship should be regarded as a hypothesis until more
evidence is discovered.  I plan on someday taking up this challenge myself,
and would applaud anyone else who attempts to do so.  Although there is
every likelihood that this problem will never be satisfactorily resolved, I
have not yet heard of anyone who has tried to delve further into it than did
L.A. Morrison a century ago.  If someone has, please let me know!

Best Regards, 

Rand Greubel