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Re: Molly Sinclair


Molly appears in Pete Cummings' booklet "Descendants of George
Sinclair, 4th Earl of Caithness, for 10 Generations." It confirms
what you already have on her. I don't know if you already have this
further information on her or not but what appears there is:

--- Quoting ---
Molly Sinclair (Samuel; Richard, Col; Samuel; John, Jr.; John,
Immigrant; Henry; John; George) was born 19 April 1786 in Vassalboro,
ME. Molly died in Perry, Ohio. She married Elijah Haswell. He was
born about 1785. Issue: Hersom Haswell, born about 1820.
---   End   ---

There is information on each of her ancestors in the booklet as well.
This traces Molly back to George, 4th Earl of Caithness.

Paul Sinclair

--- Original Message of dgaskill (07:39 AM 12/26/97 -0500)---
>Do you think Mr. Oswald would mind if you gave us his address?  I
have an
>Ohio connection in my Sinclair line, and I would like to contact him to
>exchange info.  I suspect others on this list might also be
interested, but
>perhaps you should get his permission before posting his address
>For others who might be interested, the Ohio Sinclair I am seeking
>information on is Molly Sinclair (my ggg grandmother), born April
1786 at
>Vassalborough, Maine to parents Samuel Sinclair and Sally Perkins.  I
>gleaned this much info from Leonard A. Morrison's book _The History
of the
>Sinclair Family in Europe and America_ (1896), but Morrison tells me
>that Molly married Elijah Haswell, lived in Gerry, NY several years, and
>died in Perry, Ohio.  I know also that her son, Hezron Haswell,
moved on to
>Dekalb County, Indiana, but I would like to know more about Molly and
>Best wishes to all for the holidays.  I am looking forward to the
>discussions on this list during the upcoming year as I have only
>discovered my Sinclair kinship.  Happy Hogmanay!
>Dave Gaskill
>> From: BillSincl <BillSincl@aol.com>
>> To: sinclair@zilker.net
>> Subject: Re: William H. Sinclair
>> Date: Friday, December 26, 1997 12:59 AM
>> There is an F. Sinclair Oswald in Perrysburg, Ohio. that does a
>> the Sinclair clan. I wish he were computer literate, but I don't
>> ever will be.
>> Maybe some of you know of him. We write to him occasionally.
>> It looks like John W. from Caithness might be my ancestor. I'll check