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Re: William H. Sinclair

The first mail that showed up after joining your group is of some interest to
me. I'm a little green, is this to Paul Sinclair? I see it is you who have
answered the parties question/inquiry.  I'm tracking a Richard Sinclair, my
great grandfather; well actually I know some data about him , and am really
trying locate his parents and ancestors. I know he was born around 1827( some
family questions as late as the 1840's). He raised a family in Walker's
Corners, Kilmartin Settlement. This is about 8 miles due North of Glencoe
Ontario and was settled in about 1826,(First settler Archibald Sinclair). The
peoples in this area were predominantly from Kintyre penninsula on Scotland's
west coast.
What is interesting about your comments on John William Sinclair is his
immigrating into New York initially and than on to Utica. Utica is about 163
miles east of where the Kilmartin settlers trail leaves off in my
quest(Caledonia NY SW of Rochester). I had many of the Kilmartin settlers
moving into "Caledonia NY" in about 1818; than on to Alderborough County,
Ontario before moving north of Glencoe. This was due to their being able to
get 100 acre lots rather than the 50 acres offered by Talbot in Alderborough

Can you shed any light on Richard Sinclair or what I believe to be his father
a "Daniel Sinclair"? I'm tracking ArchSinclair of Kilmartin in that his second
son's name has not been traceable yet and he may be the key to my search.

Regards and thanks!!
Yours Aye! Ritchie (Rick) Grenville Sinclair ( cdnhound@aol.com)