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William H. Sinclair


I did a quick look at Pete Cummings booklet called "Descendants of
George Sinclair, 4th Earl of Caithness, for 10 Generations" to see if
the name William H. Sinclair jumped out at me. I don't see any
William H. Sinclair such as you describe.

However, there is an immigrant John William Sinclair listed as born
1777 in Wick, Caithness. John had a son William Sinclair born 1813,
died 1883. It is noted that John and his wife Mary "arrived in New
York City in 1821, then moved to Utica in 1822". As their son William
would have been only 8 at the time that John and Mary came to New
York, I would assume that William would have come with them. So the
time frame is correct, but they came to New York, not New England.
Perhaps if you have some more particulars it would be possible to
either definitively rule out this William as your ancestor or
identify him as a possible connection.

Hope your Christmas morning has been wonderful.

Paul Sinclair

--- Original Message of BillSincl (06:06 PM 12/24/97 EST)---

>My first ancestor here was a William H. Sinclair, who came from
Scotland to
>England in 1821.
>Is there a way of going back farther than that? Did he come from the
>Sinclair line?
>Is there a searchable Sinclair data base I can access?