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Pete Cummings
To promote recognition of Henry Sinclair, 14th Century explorer of North America, and to celebrate the 600th anniversary in 1998

July 1998 Issue

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History is being made at 600th Celebration Events

In this article we shall report on several of the Celebration Events, which occured within the last several months. They have been hailed as supurb from all those attending, and a fine credit to Prince Henry Sinclair. To date, thousands of people have learned about our 14th century hero. Nineteen more Events will occur from now until the end of this Sixtennial Year.

As reported earlier, the Scottish Festival in Moultrie, GA, featured Prince Henry. Presentations in a symposium format covered the life and voyage of Henry Sinclair, Templar history, and Rosslyn Chapel. Beth Gay, who was the organizer, is commended on conducting such a successful event.

Also in February, Neil St. Clair reports that Parrsboro, NS, and the District Board of Trade celebrated the 600th Anniversary at their annual banquet. It featured a Medieval Feast, a piper, and a talk about Prince Henry s voyage.

On June 2 in Halifax, NS, the Clan Sinclair Society of Nova Scotia hosted a Medieval Feast in honor of Prince Henry. Dressed in 14th century clothing, the Nova Scotia Society for Creative Anachronism prepared and served full course meals and entertainment, including a jousting tournament, in which the Sinclair Knights were victors. It was an evening of fun, capped off by Scottish dancing. Much credit goes to Bill Sinclair and his committee.

Next, on June 7, a gala event attended by 350 occurred at Halfway Cove, located on Route 16 in Guysborough, NS. It was a re-dedication of the Memorial to Prince Henry Sinclair. Speakers included Myles McPherson (a director of PHSS), Kerry Prosper (Chief of the Afton Mi kmaq Band), Blair George (local Deputy Warden), Ray White (Member of the Legislative Assembly), Peter MacKay (Member of Parliament), Phil Hockman (member of the Recreation Commission). A special announcement by Niven Sinclair was read. Following the speeches, native foods were prepared by the Mi kmaq, who also displayed handicrafts and drum beat rhythms. Much credit goes to D Elayne and Richard Coleman for this memorable occasion.

The heavy rains caused the Central Massachusetts Highland Games, in Leicester, MA, to be cancelled on June 13th. Clan Douglas and a contingent of Templars were on site, ready to commemorate Prince Henry, but unfortunately very few saw Art & Cindy Douglas and Mike Kaulback.

Torrential rains on the following day again caused the cancellation of the Grand Master's Fair in Charlton, MA. Thanks are extended to Ken Swift, Matt Mallard, and Mike Kaulback for being prepared to disseminate information about Prince Henry.

In Midlothian, IL, Prince Henry was the center of attention thanks to the efforts of Gordon Sinclair Flaws and Norma Jean, who hosted a very impressive display at their Sinclair Tent at the Illinois Highland Games on June 27th. Gordon had provided the town with dozens of large banners, bearing the Scottish Cross. These were placed along the main roads in the town. In addition, Gordon had composed eight educational articles which are being printed in the newspaper, coinciding with a contest in the schools to award those students who comprehended most from these articles. The goal is for people to learn more about their Scottish history, and especially the saga of Prince Henry Sinclair.

Sinclair Symposium planned for September

Presentations will be scheduled at NH Highland Games in the Heritage Center on Sept 18, 1998, and at the Westford Regency Hotel on Sept 22, 1998. Admission is free. Seats are on a first- come-first-served basis for each session, open to all. The sessions are described on the next page:
Genealogy, by Beth Gay
Many persons can trace their ancestry back to Prince Henry Sinclair, and earlier. This session will explain how people can study their genealogy and determine their family roots. Published references will be employed, including the new book, Genealogy of Prince Henry Sinclair. Beth Gay is the editor of The Family Tree and is well known for her genealogical credentials.
Attracting Youngsters, by Elaine Fowler
This is a "show & tell" session of innovative techniques which can be employed by parents and teachers to introduce the subjects of Scottish heritage, Medieval castles & knights, 14th century sailing ships, Native Americans, exploration, and Prince Henry. Elaine Fowler is a teacher and educator, who has researched and prepared a curriculum on the 1398 Expedition.
Sinclair History, by Gordon S. Flaws
The St. Clair/Sinclair family originated in Normandy, France, in the 9th century. It spread at the time of William the Conqueror to England and Scotland, in the 11th century. With very close ties to the Scottish and English Kings, this family played a key role in Medieval history. Rosslyn has been their most revered home for nearly 1000 years. Gordon Sinclair Flaws combines much of the research of Niven Sinclair with his own natural talent to bring family history alive to the audience.
Rosslyn Chapel
Located close to Rosslyn Castle is Rosslyn Chapel, which was built in the mid 15th century by William Sinclair. It is filled with hundreds and hundreds of stone carvings having great significance to Prince Henry, Freemasonry, Christianity, and students of the Green Man. Color slides will illustrate this presentation.
Newport Tower, by Suzanne O. Carlson
In New England there is a significant archaeological site, which gives indications that Prince Henry Sinclair set his feet on the North American continent in the 14th century. Suzanne is a noted lecturer and author on historical sites and she is listed in Who's Who in America. She will discuss the origins and architectural design of the Newport Tower. Her article "Tilting at Windmills: Newport Tower" was published in the NEARA Journal.
Templar History, by Michael Kaulbeck
the 2nd century the Pope formed the Knights Templar to protect Christians making pilgrimages to the Holy Land. Henri Sinclair was one of the nine original Knights. Through the years, other Sinclairs participated, and in 1308 when the Templars were suppressed, many of them escaped to the Sinclair estates in Scotland, hosted by Prince Henry's grandfather. Two generations later, many Knights formed the crew for the 1398 exploration of America led by Prince Henry Sinclair. Michael Kaulback is uniquely qualified to speak on this subject, for he is the Library Technician at the Grand Lodge in Boston.
Prince Henry's Voyage, by Pete Cummings
This session describes the voyage of 1398 led by Prince Henry Sinclair. It includes the reasons for the trip, a view of the route, and "proofs" that it really occurred. Color slides will be used, along with portions of a video produced by Niven Sinclair, entitled "The Prince Henry Voyage - Beyond All Shadow of Doubt". Pete is the chairman of the Prince Henry Project Committee and serves as the VP of the Prince Henry Sinclair Society.

New Genealogy book

The Clan Sinclair Archives is available in two, brand new, hard-covered volumes. One book of 417 pages includes all known descendants of Prince Henry. The other book of 450 pages has the descendants of other Sinclairs/St. Clairs whose linkage with Prince Henry is unknown. Both volumes will be sold by the Higginson Book Company. Place orders at the Clan Gathering or PO Box 158, Worcester, MA, 01613.

Clan Gathering Registrations should be returned now!

Mary Selver, Vice Chair of the Clan Gathering, reports that plans are falling into place for a memorable Gathering. The Banquet, Reception, Harbor Cruise, and Exeter Luncheon are open ONLY to those who have pre-paid and registered! Avoid disappointment. Send yours today. Registration forms for our Clan Gathering in Westford, MA, have been mailed by our Clan Sinclair Headquarters to all clansmen. They are also being handed out by Clan Commissioners. For those with computers, these forms are available at our Web Sites, which are <URL:> and at <URL:>. The deadline for sending your Registrations is August 20th. Send them to Clan Gathering, 65 Hartwell St, West Boylston, MA, 01583 along with your check for the activities in which you wish to participate.

Separate registrations are necessary for the NH Highland Games. They were mailed to the Clan Sinclair membership and the 600th Celebration Newsletter lists. On the Internet the forms may be obtained at <> Tickets for most activities at the Games can be purchased at the gate as you arrive.

Medieval Side trips

Many people are planning to visit other sights while they visit New England. Some of the side trips include the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA; King Richards's Faire in Carver, MA; Medieval Manor in Boston, MA. At a little farther distance, there is Nova Scotia, only 2-1/2 hours by the new hi-speed car ferry from Bar Harbor, ME. Contact Pete Cummings at the address on this newsletter for further information on any of these attractions.

Take Prince Henry's photo!

Thanks to Annette Hixenbaugh, a Clan Commissioner in Oklahoma, you will be able to meet Prince Henry face to face. You can even take his picture. Annette is an accomplished seamstress and has made a true-to-life costume of our 14th century hero. Enactors of Prince Henry, Sir James Gunn, & Monks will attend our Clan Gathering in Westford and the NH Highland Games. (Volunteers are needed to act these roles. Contact us today if you are interested.)

Celebrate Prince Henry's 600th anniversary!

Clan Sinclair.
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