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Ward Ginn's picture of the stained angel of Rosslyn Chapel
William Stuart Buehler's annotations of the crypt angel of Rosslyn Chapel
William Stuart Buehler's second annotations of the crypt angel of Rosslyn Chapel


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Sacred Architecture

From: William Stuart Buehler <>
Date: Friday, May 21, 1999 9:18 PM

Long Answer:

ANSWER to FAQ item #31: "What is sacred architecture?" From William Buehler, email for more discussion on this subject.


Sacred geometry, to me, is a variety of grid systems organizing aspects of consciousness and the energy relationships that support the consciousness field. Since this is a question regarding the nature of "the sacred" and its application the answer will be in that context with no intention of trodding on private beliefs nor in educating anyone in basic spiritual dynamics. I will of course go into the basics if needed and really important to the reader. The following are my beliefs only; if they make sense, fine, if not then there are other sources.


I am not an architect; my views are based on observation. I study sacred geometry applied to existing temples and earth grids as well as prayer groups. I'm a minister in the Church of Antioch but that only means that I probably spend more time on this subject than the average person ...the last 28 years after my retirement from the Navy. I have over 3000 hours of leading light groups (done mainly by my remaining quiet and observing). My education worth mentioning is from inner dimensional agencies: angelic and hierarchical but not necessarily all via my own connection ...I have observed and learned from my perceptions of others' super-physical experiences in this area. As a "mystic" I emphasize accuracy/ truth, understanding divine dynamics and why they happen in the way they do. I focus most of my work in the area of Clan Sinclair Templar activity but view recorded history as a thin veneer of use only in trying to see beyond the less than obvious event.


"Sacred architecture" refers to any building system that enhances spiritual awareness, effects and process. It does not relieve the human members of the unified team: structure and operators, of their responsibility for their own spiritual conditioning and growth. However the buildings provide a permanent energy field and will facilitate either low energy services and teaching or full energy processes. For most people a low grade energy is appropriate: high enough to make their participation more efficient but low enough not to harm them. There are two overlay dynamics in sacred design:
  1. Dynamics that apply to all temples everywhere. Variables in determining the function of the architectural system are: site, design, orientation in the True and Magnetic fields, exterior grounds, intention for the temple", how it fits into the larger matrices of temples/ earth "temples" (grids on the earth's surface, degree of secrecy or protection needed, energy impact on surrounding infrastructure of homes/ natural sites/ complementary buildings, integration with telluric (earth) energy profiles both locally and in a large scale, astronomical alignments with relevant astrology. Determining much of this necessary information depends on having reliable psychic skills in your building team. These more unusual skills would include dowsing (for almost anything needed to know, reading the "akashic" (various levels of the "Racial Mind" or collective unconscious), conferring with the higher orders of elementals (nature spirits but those in charge) in the site area, conferring with cognizant angelic orders and hierarchical agencies relating to the intention, function and most aspects of who, what, why, when and where. Also how. However before approaching outside agencies in the various dimensions one must first have developed a draft proposal and be prepared to take responsibility for the project.
  2. Dynamics that apply specifically to the spiritual system (religion) employing the temple. Priests and Priestesses are magicians or shamans. They are interfacing between the Divine and the human realms. Their correct approach should be (if possible) that all their congregation are equally qualified priests/ priestesses and the "service" becomes a synergic bonding in a unified group of equals but members who will "specialize" within the group in terms of chakras and other specific energy and consciousness functions. The religion's codes will support that, whatever they are and if they are understood by the priests and people. These codes will then have to be in harmony with the eventual design. IE, if the Catholics require 14 Stations then these will have to be integrated into a geometry that may need to transcend the requirement. If the codes are valid, and if the geometry is accurately resonating with divine harmonics then there should be no problem. If they don't fit the operators' perceptions than perhaps the interpretation of the code is at fault, or of the geometry. My paper is not to expound on this problem, only to identify a common situation.
However the ideal situation above is unusual to non-existent. Most persons still rely heavily on the priests for instruction and conduct of rituals. The compromise position for a single temple is that the temple is designed to manage routine service for the less initiated, general public but also to be handle full scale "Great Works" by a fully qualified group of clerics. Rosslyn and Chartres are examples of superb temples but downgraded to maintain a restricted maximum sustained energy level. Stonehenge is a full scale sustained maximum energy temple, or was. That is its design anyway. Exposing the unconditioned public to a full strength energy field would fry them. The better compromise is to build two or more temples for a sequential build up for the members; this is the case for most mystery schools. There are of course variations to this theme: a master teacher is able to temporarily contain the students within a protective field or "shakti" while they come up to speed, for example. Even so there would be maximum hot spots restricted to staff use.

I believe that the original intention with Rosslyn, Chartres and other major temples was to reserve them for use only by the fully qualified Templar Priests. The large naves now accommodate the public but their designs do not except in the lower basic geometric systems. Their designs however provide for a much more intensive energy field and higher level of spiritual projects. Chartres is almost completely ruined now for full power, in the physical level but Rosslyn could probably be brought up to speed, even with the steel canopy over it. It would take extraordinary process but it would probably work in that the energies are well beyond the range affected by the steel.

Design Theory and Cosmology:

Assume that the whole cosmos is filled totally with divine Essence. In the East this is the "pralaya" and in the West, the "Unmanifest God." This aspect shows up as the "Rest, Silence, Nothing, Dark (this sometimes referring to evil), Void, Unnamed One." This aspect is vital because as the source of all being creations that do not provide for It will abort. This applies to buildings, processes, and all created forms. It is also one key to interpreting scripture. When we use Mind to create thought forms we are making it possible for nonformed consciousness to organize itself. At the physical level and other related lower dimensions we translate the thought forms into design or "sacred geometry/ architecture." There are two aspects that then generate: Grace and Mind. ("Mind" does not mean logical thought). In the East this is "Sat-Chit-Ananda." Then there are three main functions that organize things:
  1. ...the holographic seed format in terms of 5 aspects (Eden is an example: 5 rivers and lands) or Maitri Upanishad 2.6 with 5 breaths. Revelation's 3rd Seal generates a seen matrix. The basic seed format is a pentagram or 5-point star created by two golden ratio spirals (the golden ratio systems support life). This seed system will show up in the center of the design or may even be the whole design perimeter. Or both center and outer field. When the physical level penta is clear and spiritually viable, Spirit clicks in with its own penta to make a 10-point Wheel.
  2. ...the "4-Square" or primary containment field for manifestation and transmutation. This is a Greek Cross oriented on the 4 main directions. Most cultures have versions of the "4 Directions" and will assign two functions in each pole usually represented by creatures and colors. They will then spin these rings for varying effects. This can be dangerous in a full power group and can trigger time gates (know it to have happened, the group and their room disappeared for awhile, never existed). When the physical operators get their 4-Square up to Spirit's satisfaction: clarity, Grace factor, intention, et al, then Spirit's own 4-square cuts in and we have the famous Templar 8-point Wheel. Spirit's cross is an "X" or St. Andrew Cross. Chartres aligns NE which is the pivotal "heel stone" position locking onto the X cross. Thus she provides Spirit with a powerful mechanism for downloading into the whole Marian Cathedral Matrix which is formatted as an Earth Grid invoking the Virgo dynamic or Mari as the "Goddess." Montserrat also does this.
  3. ...the trinity or pillar/ tube generator. The trinity generates a tetrahedron. The pivotal apex would point North for maximum spiritual function. The SE corner would be the right brain function, SW the left. The vertical apex synthesizes the base-three. Obviously this is over simplifying. When the physical tetra is online and acceptable Spirit matches with its own downward pointing tetra and we have a star tetra and cube-sphere. There are other aspects and functions in building the high performance tubes beyond the star tetra but that is basic. Every form has a Spiritual form .."as above, so below." The Pillar is the Connective. The "Key of David" in Rev 3:7-12 discusses the pillar function. The key of David is the "Mogen Dowd" or 6-point star, letter Vau, #6 originally correctly drawn as a sphere with a pillar from it. Anyway, the 6-point star is the design for the pillar function. Without it you go nowhere as it were. It is the synaptic bridge into Spirit and beyond.
These three basics are only start points. Any design must have all three represented somewhere. There are other grids but they generally include the basic three: "3-4-5."

Architecture or large area organization of buildings may duplicate spiritual archetypes: examples are the Virgo constellation with the Marian cathedrals noted above, serpent and bird design have been used, the three pyramids are Orion's belt.

A typical format is to create two poles, male (tholus: plus) and female (the main matrix: minus). The Tholus is usually a hill with a tower on top. It should have a crypt in it with a well and stone throne. Mont St. Michel is the tholus for the Marian Virgo via Chartres; Glastonbury Tor is the tholus for the seven Avalonic mystery schools around it in the Ursa Major grid (these seven islands and schools are now long gone). Arthur's Seat (no visible tower) is the tholus for Rosslyn and the whole 28 mile diameter grid containing Edinburgh. In Virginia Mount Afton is the tholus for Monticello, Virginia University, Montpelier, Ashlawn-Highland.

The next major consideration are the two complementary designs found in the vertical elevation of the temple and its horizontal plan. Chartres and Rosslyn are outstanding examples. The vertical plan will contain the Spiritual codes for the primary organization of the system. For Chartres this is found on the SW (front) wall with towers. This hinges in an "L-shift" to overlay the labyrinth and imprint the control stations and codes on the floor. There the operators can insert their intended plan for the day and bring the Lady up to speed, or rather they once could. With Rosslyn the whole temple was not built but there are codes on the back (East) wall and the main codes are in the vertical design of the nave. This is so precise that the energy points are integrated into the human chakra (energy poles) system. The human becomes the Temple!

This brief answer will obviously raise more questions than it will deal with. It is intended to only provide the most basic answer and then refer briefly to a few larger areas of expertise to give an overview of the more difficult approaches. If this subject is of high priority with anyone please ask more questions.

Blessings Be... William

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