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From: "William Stuart Buehler" <roslinne@fone.net>
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 1999 09:00:00 -0600

  1. The Orkney Reshel grid ("bird") not shown except for a few lines. Thurso is in the Shamir's eye, apex of the 8-point Wheel. The Wheel's center is the knight's brow chakra, divine input into the system. Input comes in via Fortingall and Mt. Schiehallion: brow and Shambala Gate respectively.
  2. The 8-point Wheel is derived by the sacred chord along the top of the shield; walk it around. A slight error in closure is the Selah Spoke. This covers all Scotland. The Templars used the 8-point for manifestation, as do others. It is a harmonic with the same in Rosslyn centered by the Mari Pillar. The 8-point contains the two crosses. This Shamir generated 8-point is also resonant with the Shamirs around the "Apprentice" Pillar (Tree of Life).
  3. The Sinclair Shield has been corrected by a few degrees to properly use the Bethlehem Angle to Fortingall and Mt. Schiehallion. The present shield has apparently been slewed out of position by poor copying. Also the sloppy work re the engrailed cross has been corrected to use the Bethlehem Triangle (grail core geometry).
  4. The angle and ratio of distances: Thurso (Eye) to Edinburgh (intersection of Line at shield top/center) to Fortingall (Beth. Ang. NW to Fortingall, knight's brow chakra) is the same ratio and angle from Thurso to Glastonbury Tor to Holy Island (Anglesey). This is key to design of the GB grail grid. Henry used the line and angle as a formation for temple ships transiting Ruta's position at 49N, 29W. Triggered Time Gate.
  5. Sinclair's Shield is a very high order of Teleplane design correctly using the Reshel's grail core in primal generation from the Selah Essence (the black engrailed cross). (The Shield overlays Rosslyn's Crypt ...recently discovered in studying the water stains on the Sinclair-Christos angel in the crypt.)
  6. Rosslyn is the Resh pole in the Edinburgh Reshel Matrix, therefore acting as the controller. There are various other mechanisms in the graphic not commented on here.
  7. The upside down halberd device on the helm's face plate points to Balantrodach (Temple), original Templar headquarters, pivot for magnetic grid axis and Sidhe connection from the Templar Grove via Rosslyn. Take the bearing from the Matrix center at Mt. Lothian Chapel ruin.
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