Ian Sinclair, Noss Head Lighthouse Estate
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Northern seawall of Girnigoe Castle

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This looks onto the northern seawall of Girnigoe Castle. The arched wall to the bottom, right covers a steep sided moat and leads towards the ruined ramparts of Sinclair Castle. The line of double corbels are visible across the wall at mid height. On the eastern face of the keep the roof outline of the ancillary buildings is evident. The walls of these can be seen leading along the edge of the cliffs. The large window on the lower, left side of the seawall brings a sea breeze into the kitchen. The window directly above is in the secret "priest's room". The only entrance to this room is in the floor of the first floor. On the right hand side of the seawall, the lowest windows light the dark well room and the stairs that descend to it. The windows above these line the entrance hall of this castle. The highest windows are in the Great Hall (right) and bed chambers for the Earls of Caithness (left). The picture is courtesy of Malcolm, Earl of Caithness.

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