Sinclair de la Behottiere, Normandy
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Rouen Cathedral

This is the third Cathedral to stand on this site. The first was built by the saint Bishop Mellon, first bishop of Rouen, in the third century, the second by Victrice, the eight bishop of Rouen. Ransaked by Vikings, this Romanesque cathedral was started circa 1000 AD by the Archbishop by a Viking descendant, Archbishop Robert, the son of Duke Richard I of Normandie. The cathedral was completed in 1063 and consecrated by the Archbishop Maurille, the only Bishop to dedicate this church. In Europe to be a city you must have a Cathedral. The rank of bishop is the highest in the Roman church. The Pope is in religious rank the bishop of Rome. A bishop can ordain priests. The rankings outside, ie cardinal, etc., are secular rankings in the adminstration of the church. Cardinal Mazan, once Prime Minster of France, was a cardinal-priest.


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