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Re: 2 hurricanes in 1 week is rather trying...

Yes, thank you.  Still here.  Hard to believe that the power is still going strong.  
 "Stanley St. Clair" wrote:Hi Penelope,

I trust morning's light still finds your electricity going, and your
computer up. Such a tragedy!

Our prayers are with you that the Almighty keep you safe. Isidore brought
much rain to Georgia, as well, but nothing like the Gulf coast. We are in a
lull at the present.

Let us know how you come out.


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From: Penelope Blair Hillyer Law 

To: sinclair@quarterman.org 
Date: Thursday, October 03, 2002 4:04 AM
Subject: 2 hurricanes in 1 week is rather trying...

>but I still wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Here in Jefferson Parish,
Louisiana, it's usually an annual occurrence, this battening of hatches.
This week we've had to do it twice. Isidore dropped a ton of rain on us and

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