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Re: A Peeve

Now..... this was the ruckus this has been going on that I didn't know about 
that y'all have been talking off the list ??  I had been wondering why he 
hasn't been on for a while.  I have personally corresponded with him off the 
list for a while and I personally did ask him what his real name is because I 
thought it was his last name and he told me that is his given name that his 
own mother wished to give him at his birth.   I have personally enjoyed 
reading his post about tremendous wealth of history that I never knew before. 
 He is soo passionate reading all about history and telling us any historical 
information in connection with our Ancestors  .... Sinclairs ... who WE ALL 
proudly carry the name and honoring and remembering their name.   Who cares 
if this man proudly calls his very own name "Sinclair"??    

Kozy Tennant
A proud descendant of "Sinclair" 
South Carolina