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On the new translation of the Hay Sinclair Genealogy

http://www/grandlodgescotland.com  To you all this site loads very
slowly, but it does load. To you gentlemen of the craft - there are many
books on Freemasonry for purchase.  The problem is that you will have to
write a letter because the publication order form is in error.  There
are also many 'windows' within this website to read.
In essence the order form that I received with a brochure announcing the
publication and release of "The Genealogie of the Sainteclaires of
Rosslyn" by Father Richard Augustine Hay, Prior of St. Pieremont -
available in August 2002  ISBN 0 902324 63 2;  228 pages L 18.99 (soft
cover) and L 29.99  (limited cased edition) plus L 1.95 packing and post

Please send me_____copies of the book  The Genealogie of the
Sainteclaires of Rosslyn



Method of payment:  Cheque |  |     Invoice me |  |    VISA |   |
Mastercard |   |
Electron. |    |
Credit Card No._______________________ Exp date_________________

Signature__________________________ order total________


Please return to Grand Secretary, The Grand Lodge of Scotland,
Freemasons Hall, 96 George St., Edinburgh EH2 3DH
telephone: 0131 225 5304  Fax: 0131 225 3963
A nice site.  Sally