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Books which may be of interest

Dear list members,

I have recently obtained some items which may be of interest to some of you.
I am a collector of antique books, among other items. I have recently obtained a copy of "The Lay of the Last Minstrel", by Sir Walter Scott, the entire narrative,  printed in 1896. Many, of course, will recognize this as the poem which mentions Rosslyn, and "The Lordly line of High St. Clair". The book in in fair condition, and was printed by Clarendon Press, Oxford. It was produced for American distribution, for the price of  "50 cents" is etched on the cover by the printer.

Another interesting book which has recently come into my possession is a photo album of influential Tennesseans of the 19th century, including all of the Masonic Grandmasters of the state during the century, one of which is Andrew Jackson, Grandmaster from 1822 to 1823. The print date on this is 1902.

I am also enjoying a large wall calendar sent to me by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, President of IFCJ featuring artists' renderings of both the first and second Temples at Jerusalem, and the Artifacts contained therein, with detailed information
on each picture.

I will be displaying the Scott book at the Stone Mountain Games in October. If anyone has any interest in any information contained in any of these items, they may contact me on or off list.

Yours Aye,

Stan St. Clair, Georgia Commissioner, Clan Sinclair