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Re: St. Clair -Knox-Wayne-Wedderburn

How interesting to read the history of Mad General Anthony Wayne and Chief 
Little Turtle!!  Those names I'm so fondly familiar with... you see ... I 
grew up in Columbia City, Indiana, which is 25 miles west from Ft. Wayne.   
I've heard bits and pieces of the General and pretty much about Chief Little 
Turtle when I was growing up  but never really knew the full story of their 
lives.  Chief Little Turtle and his tribe used to live in an area in Whitley 
County one time (not far from where I used to live) and I used to go by that 
site which is now a Miami Village Trailer park. It was named after his tribal 
family, Miami Tribe.  There are descendants today are descended from Chief 
Little Turtle.  As for Anthony Wayne.... I'm not sure if he has descendants 
today.  Anyone know??      

Kozy Tennant