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Re: the Marquis de Lafayette

I make no representations as to the accuracy of the following: 

Excerpted from: SHORT TALK BULLETIN - Vol.VI   July, 1928   No.7
by:  Unknown

Where and when Lafayette was made a Mason is a matter of dispute.  Some say 
it was at the great meeting of Military Lodges in Morristown, New Jersey, 
when the proposal was made to form a General Grand Lodge, of which Washington 
was to be the Supreme Grand Master.  Yet, Lafayette more than one spoke as if 
he had been made a Mason before he arrived in America.  The exact fact is 
hard to find, but we do know that he was a man of our Craft.  

> excerpts from "Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects," published by Time-Life 
> Books in 1989:  
> >> "George Washington was only twenty in November 1752 when he joined the 
>> Freemasons. He rose quickly through the ranks and eventually was elected 
>> grand master of the grand lodge of Virginia, although he declined to 
>> accept the office....  (page 82)
>> "The Marquis de Lafayette, who served under him, once observed that the 
>> commander in chief rarely awarded independent commands to officers who 
>> were not Masons....  (page 82)