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Re: Sinclair Timeline

Rory - How about listing the facts as we know them, followed by the myths (labeled as such) on each date?  That way newcomers to the List won't bring up old arguments and endlessly repeat them as has happened in the past. 
  Rory Sinclair <rory.sinclair@rogers.com> wrote: Thanks Tim:

There had been no one to date (at least since I have been on the list) who
had any idea of where the 'mythical' 9 knights had come from. Sinclair,
inter alia, had asked and I couldn't remember myself (until recently) where
I had seen it about 10 years ago. I clearly don't keep this material on 3x5
cards or the digital equivalent.
I was just glad finally to recall what the reference was. If it was made
up by Thomas Sinclair then shame on him. But at least it didn't come out of
thin air in the 1990's notwithstanding its shakey provenance. The question
is where did Thomas Sinclair get his stuff? There being no corroborating
material, may well have been out of whole cloth.
You know the record better than anyone so I defer.

I certainly will try to get some pruning efforts going in any case or at
least riders to certain factoids.


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> Dear Rory,
> Thomas's book is just plain wrong. Suggest most strongly that you verify

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