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My link to the St. Clairs

My father was born Melvern Ellis St. Clair (1895-1971) and he and a sister were adopted by the James David Laidlaws in Waitsburg, WA in 1900.  He later had his surname changed legally to Laidlaw.  The reason for the adoption was in part due to illness.  My father married Elvira Ellen Southard (1896-1993) on 6-6-1920.  Their first child was Bonnie Belle Laidlaw (1922-1922) who died of erysipelas.  I was their second child, Melvern Ellis Laidlaw, Jr. (1924-      ). I married Carolyn Rose Polly (1925-   ) on May 15 1955.  We have three children: David Blair (1956-    ), Julie Ann (1959-     ) adopted, and Lisa Marie (1964-   ) who m. Ed Zigweid in 1999.

My paternal grandparents were Thomas Jefferson St. Clair (1852-1902) and Maria Ellen Miller (1869-1922); m. 10-11-1886.  They had eight children: Lillie Lenore, Edward Louis, Rosie May, Florence Thirza, Melvern Ellis, Irene Gladys, Orban Dwight, and Annie Alice (birth dates starting in 1888 and ending in 1898).

My paternal great grandparents were Thomas Ives St. Clair (1808-1868) and Massie Fuert Noel (Vastine) 1813-1898); m.11-20-1842.  They had six children: Thirza, Sara Susanna, Rachel Evaline, John, Thomas Jefferson, and Azariah Gabriel (birth dates starting in 1843 and ending  in 1855).

My paternal great great grandparents were James "John" Stuart Seine Clair (1770-abt 1827) and Sarah Mershon (abt 1774-<1930 ?); m.abt 1795.  They had five children: Sarah, Ann S., Mahala, Thomas Ives, and John W. (birth dates starting in 1798 and ending in 1813).

My great great great grandparents were  Amos St. Clair, Sr. (1752-1827) and Mary Power (abt 1755- abt 1816); m. 1-24-1770.  They had five children: James Stuart, Thomas, Amos, Jr., Mary Polly, and Susannah (birth dates starting in 1770 and ending in 1761).

My quest is to learn of the ancestors of Amos St. Clair, Sr.

The above information I have listed has come form old family records, including a Bible, the internet, and from other family members. 

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