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No Subject

This is to let everyone know a little about myself:
Name at birth Judy Gayle Grover, November 1, 1957 
 (to keep everyone from figuring the age it's 44)
(Father line traces back to Wales,)
(Mother was the daughter of Lizzie Muriel St.Clair and Frank Hudson)
The reason why I'm telling this is because on May 16, 2002 I was in an auto accident which
I shouldn't have come out of without severe injuries or death.
I live in East Texas and drive into Dallas near DFW airport approximately 90 something miles.
 (That's a long way isn't it!)
I started with phone company 24 years ago and all I want to do is just retire but in today's
Changing world I don't think I will get to the 30 years..
While driving down Interstate 30 West was in far right hand lane going about 60 or 65 
 (going with the flow of traffic into Dallas) out of left eye side vision (perephial) I
saw a red car coming backwards in an s curve across 3 lanes of traffic as I was watching all 
I could think of is "Oh My God it's going to hit me", and it did directly in the driver's door head on.
It hit me directly and instead of my vehicle hitting the concrete wall on my right hand side I was thrown
Across the freeway to the opposite side across 3 lanes of traffic going forwards into the concrete wall on the left side
 ( I know that if I had hit that concrete wall I would have been killed could see death there waiting, literally)
With help from above I got control of the truck straightened it up and parked right beside the concrete wall, now
I know my reflexes are not that fast. I hit no other car going across the freeway either and it was a crowded morning..
(This has happened at other time in my life where I felt I had help but not to this degree where someone could say
(you were just lucky, I knew and I would tell them but most people disbelieve and think your eccentric)
The ambulance and police were amazed that I could even get out of car walking but I did with not a scratch on me.
If I had been driving a regular size car her front end would have hit me at higher level on doorframe.
To know that life can end so quickly is frightening not necessarily for your self but for the family that is left behind.
As always