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Abusive mail

Dear friends,

Its good to know that I am far from alone in deploring the 'off-list' hate mail being received by one of our subscribers.

Foul language and  accusations of falshood or fraud, sent under the cloak of anonymity reflect upon the warped mentalitry of the  'anonymous' sender of such missives and not on their recipient.

What is the alleged 'crime' committed by the unfortunate target of this abuse? Simply having the temerity to question the opinions of others and ask for sources. Something all of us with a historical turn of mind do all the time. Thats how history gets written, by asking why, verifying sources and having discussions with our peers.

It would seem that some subscriber to this list may be responsible, either themselves or though an agent. If that be so, then let them get honest, come forward and declare themselves for all to see - or is that sort of courage too much to expect.