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FW: Viking Pine and St Margaret's birth place

Here is the second, he states that timber was probably not the reason for
the voyage and promises possible reasons in an up coming book.


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	Dear Dana;

	Yes please post my responses on the Web site. I have not had much
time to do so. If you can correct the spelling that would be appreciated. 
	It is my understanding that by 1400 Norway was becoming severly
	from over 700 years of viking ship building and expansion around the
	world. The same thing happened in Greece before Christ  which is why
	was an evolution of ship building techniques away form the rigid
	frame to the monoque, shell first construction,  later used by the
	and much later the Vikings. One evidence of this deforestation is
	viking ships changed from being constructed of oak, the material of
	to pine, as oak became more scarce. It is of interest to note that
	began to experience a difficulty in finding oak in the early 1800's
due to their 400 years of heavy ship building. During the American
Revolution England had a 600 ship navy!  Thats a lot of wood! (our 12 ship
navy, built of oak, beat them, especially Old Ironsides with a double oak
hull that even large cannon balls would bounce off of while our cannons shot
right through the pine hulls of the English frigates. The Constitution even
destroyed the Ship of LIne Java which had twice the fire power,., but that's
another story.)  Even though I believe there was a shortage of timber in
Norway, Henry had an amply supply of oak, pine, etc at Rosslyn so even
though free timber may have been an incentive to come to the New World I
don't believe it was a leading  reason.     
	As to the various motivations as to Henry's voyage....well, you'll
just have to wait to read my book!
	Bob Sinclair Green
	Voyage Coordinator