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Viking Pine

One little problem Neil, Viking boats were built from pine.Oak was used in the keel.  Only one example of a hardwood boat exists.  It is a canoe from the 800's.

Norway pine supplies were plentiful and easily accessible.  Oak was easily available. Canadian wood was not needed.  

There is nothing to making a Viking longboat, build it near the sea. Make sure you have pine trees near the boat building place, Use a oak tree to make your keel. Cut down pine wood and make planks .Fix the planks to the ribs of your ship overlapping them as you go, .Kill a cow or a sheep, make ropes out of their hair. Cover the ropes in tar or animal fat. Shove the ropes on the cracks and joints of your ship. Carve a really ugly face, or fix my photograph, on the front of your ship. Invade someone, loot, pillage and rape.

Going into the Viking business was simple.  Have axe, will travel.