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More Sinclair lands & other things

I have been 'talking' with a gentleman in Scotland on what I hope to
visit there and proposed Ravenscraig castle ruins in Kirkcaldy and
Herdmanston castle in East Lothian. Both show on modern road maps.  He
was able to look up both places in Bartholomews, "Castles of Scotland"
1992.  According to the book, Herdmanston is a complete ruin and nothing
there to see at all.  Ravenscraig is in better shape. This evidently was
the home of some of the Fifeshire Sinclairs. For some reason, although
it shows on the maps as being right on the water has come thru better
than Herdmanston which is totally destroyed, being a "class 5" ruin,
where Ravenscraig is a "class 3"
Not strictly Sinclair land - but definitely in the land some of you may
Relative to underground Edinburgh.
"There are a number of pubs in the Grass Market all of varying
standards, but I would guess that the one you are talking about would
have to be at the east (top) end, if it is against "the rock", which
would make it one of the ones to the east of the "Last Drop", I forget
the names, but included would be "Ha hangit Maggies" (cant remember the
real name) and one called something like "Biddie Milligans". i'm sure
someone out there knows the names!"  This gentleman invites to come have
a beer with him.
   " The Edinburgh Secret City and Ghost City tours usually leave from
outside the Tron Kirk during the tourist season - tickets can be
purchased in advance and in previous years, during the tourist season
they used to be scheduled every 1.5 hours."  And its URL:
This is from 2 Scottish cyber friends, when I put it up on the
discussion board came back with where to buy tickets and the web site to
look at. So much for 'dour' Scots!