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People in Utah are still trying to figure out what a Mittromney is? <grin>.
Mitt is the son and probably somewhere between 40 or 50 ish.  I think he ran
against Kennedy for the Repblican ticket in Mass.  The stadium was redone
about 2 years ago with a gift from Eccles, thus the name Rice-Eccles Olympic
Stadium.  Fairly impressive at night.  You can see the giant illuminated
rings on the mountain side and the stadium with the spot lights etc from the
roof of the Masonic Temple downtown Salt Lake.

John Liley
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> John,
>     Is the stadium today in the same place as the stadium of the 1950's?
> Are you saying that George or Mitt are prospects for governor?  Seems like
> George would be too old.  Is Mitt his whole name?  What is the

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