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Re: Sinclairs in "Sinclair Land"

    You really have got me interested in this coven thing.  I asked  a
taxi driver friend in Edinburgh, Tom Graham, about the name of the
pub and here is what he said:


I have not heard anything on this.  There is a complex of rock cut
rooms beneath a cottage in Gilmerton which gets publicity now and
again.  The White Hart pub in the Grassmarket is old and seems to have
an air about it, but I don't know its history.  I'll ask around.


    Steve. let's keeping trading yarns and stories about Edinburgh; I
feel the same as you about this grand old city.  I would like to visit
Prague as it apparently has mainly similarities.

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You're making me remember some interesting things about Edinburgh.
I was there, I was having a drink with my wife in the Grassmarket at a

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