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Re: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???


Your outright dismissal of all RC sources puzzles me greatly .  As you well
know, history is written by the winners, with an aim of enhancing their glory,
and denigrating their enemies.  Everybody writes with an "attitude", even
today.  We don't dismiss these sources outright, but we do subject them to an
historiographic scrub-down.   Useful info exists hidden in the most biased
accounts.  Even Geoffrey of Monmouth managed to include some truthful history
amidst the many mythic inventions in his fanciful account.

The RC sources are no different from the rest in that regard, and should be
treated no differently.


Joe Erkes

Tim Wallace-Murphy wrote:

> Dear John,
> With all due respect, quoting modern official catholic sources which are an
> apologia and a whitewash for the horrendous injustices and errors of the
> past proves nothing except thatthe church is a past-master at obfuscation
> over its own earlier actions.
> Questions that I have raised earlier have not been answered,namely:
> How can any organisation claim continuity with a suppressed medieval order
> when;
> a) its rulership has dramatically altered?

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]