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Re: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???

Dear John,

I regret to say that the different popes theory does not wash in this
instance. The anethema against the Templars was a smal but important part of
a campaig of sustained and prolonged persecution against heretics and
'enemies of the church' that lasted for several centuries after the
suppression of the order.

The explanation of the present attitiude as expressed in the Catholic.
Encyclopaedia is simple. Nodern politics.

For some time now the church has been quietly acknowledging its horrendous
mistakes and persecutions in the past. Theexculpation of the Jews from all
responsibility for the death of Jesus is one example - one that glides over
centuries of persecution, pogroms and laying the bluep0rint for the
Holocaust); the apology for  their treatment of Galileo is another. Becuase
of modern political attitudes and bearing iin mind that most modern revived
Templar Ordrs are overwhelmingly Protestant,the church is quietly trying to
're-authenticate' the status of the Knights of Christ as true Templar heirs
and support the claims of a certain Portugese, catholic, family who have
exerted heriditary control over one branch of the modern Templars for the
last two genereations. As usual Holy Mother the Church is playing the game
of control.

Their attitude from the time of the suppression until very recently, was
completely different.

Best wishes