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Re: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???

Now that I have seen the document, I realize that this deals more explicitly
with the Zeno Map and narritive, and Henry's voyage than the continuation of
the Templars. Niven, in his e-mail to me yesterday stated: "You only have to
visit Rosslyn Chapel and be aware of the Templar initiated voyage of Prince
Henry Sinclair torealise ("Beyond Any Shadow of Doubt") that the Templars
did not 'die' with their suppression in 1307..." then he continues to give
his explaination of their presence in Germany, Portugal, and Scottland.

Tim Wallace-Murphy, also an intellectual scholar with much research under
his belt, states that the original Templars ceased to exist, and "One order
arose which was truly and unarguably neo-Templar in that it took over the
Templar knights, changed its allegaince from the pope
to the king of Portugal and fairly rapidly developed new rules of entry and
membership and completely new objectives - namely the Knights of Christ.
They can be described as neo- Templar, but not as a Templar continuation.

The eternal question is was there a true and unending continuation of the
original order?

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>>He is quite confident of the continuation of the Templars, and I am
>>on obtaining a copy of his book, "Beyond Any Shadow of Doubt".
>That document has been available online for some time in the

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