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Re: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???

Dear SInclair,

Apparently I incerted one too many letters. The web address is:
Cut and paste if necessary.
This should get you in. I admit, it is a bit confusing when you look at
everyone's thoughts. I just heard fron Niven, whom I have not talked to in
quite a while. He has been abroad, and just arrived back in Scottland.

He is quite confident of the continuation of the Templars, and I am planning
on obtaining a copy of his book, "Beyond Any Shadow of Doubt". Perhaps this
will help me to be able to see more clearly why he is willing to stake his
life on the Templar survival. I have a lot of respect for Niven.


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>Dear Stanley
>I assume you mean to type the King of the French, Philippe le Bel and the
>mindless vacillating politician, Pope Clement V. I can not access the URL
>even with cut and paste.

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