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Re: New Study Centre opening soon

Rollon (Rollo) was known as the Count of Rouen.  The British title of Earl
was in the rest of Europe known as Count.  Count was originally a feudal
title above a viscount in rank. In Europe, the feudal system  took hold. In
911, by the treaty of Saint Clair sur Epte, the king of France Charles the
Simple, gave the authority of a Duke  Rollon in the region of Rouen.
Normandy  was in 912, after Rollon's baptism, a dukedom headed by a Count.
The dukedom spread to the West, and the Viking berserk hooligans integrated
gradually into the Frankish world.

The  Richard II, of Normandy,  appears to be the first to be called Duke.
The French call form Rollo to William the six great Dukes of Normandy.
Dukes, after Richard II by centralised and conquest policies such as
monetary sovereignty over Brittany and, in 1031, over the French Vexin, by
giving  economic prosperity of the Normandy  and using the Church, reformed
by Cluny, as an extension of state power.


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