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Re: Adam and Eve

I wonder how the name Ennis got to a small town in Ireland, Sinclair.  Do
you know? Niven told me once that Ennis is one
of the derivations of Innes, the Scottish clan from NE Scotland.
I wonder how it got to Ireland?

A legal case is brewing in Cape Town involving well known
author Wilbur Smith. He is alledged to have used a few aliases in setting up
companies of varous sorts apparently to hide assets. One of these aliases is
"W Sinclair". I'll revert if something else comes out about this new member
of the family.

Mark Anderson

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Some how it came into my mind that not only are we related to Columbus's
first wife and Field Marshall Montgomery but by generational tracing new
evidence shows that in County Clare, note the counties name, we must be

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