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Knights-Templar lands in Ardersier, Scotland

>From The Statistical Accounts of Scotland, 1845 - Page 468, Inverness-shire:

"The Knights-Templar had some lands in Ardersier and a jurisdiction of
"This order came to Scotland in the reign of David I., who endowed it with
lands, uncommon privileges, and valuable exemptions; and these were all 
confirmed by successive kings, and allowed by several popes. Sir James
Sandilands, who was the last preceptor of this order obtained, by a grant
from Queen Mary in
1563; the remaining estates or his order, as a temporal barony, on paying
10,000 crowns. Sir James died as Lord Torphichen in 1618. This explains how
Torpichen became possessed of lands in this parish. These lands were sold
by Lord
Torpichen to Mr. Thomas Rollock, advocate; and by the latter gentleman
to John Campbell, younger of Calder, by deed dated 13th August 1626, as" the 
temple lands of Ardersier the temple-lands of Overcruick and Overbank of
lying in the diocese of Ross and sheriffdom of Inverness."


Imperial Gazetteer, 1868:
"The whole parish is the property of the Earl of Cawdor, and was a part of
the lands
of the Bishop of Ross, with some temple-lands formerly belonging to the
knights of 
St. John of Jerusalem. The territory which constitutes the precinct of the
was purchased by government about the year 1746."

Thought I'd pass it on.


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia