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Re: Death of John Archie St. Clair


Thanks so much for your expressions of sympathy. Rhonda and I are leaving
this morning. I do not know William Sanders, but will ask about him. I am
taking your book for my cousins to see. I will get back in touch with you
later on research on the other lines. I have run into a brick wall on my
Graham line. I am going to try to see if I can get more while there from

My apologies to you and Steve on his ancestors. I was basinng my e-mail on
an earlier one from him, apparently before you gave him info. I have done
some searching on his line, and gotten quite a bit on the earlier families,
but not from Robert Hustin (Houston) on.

 I am planning on more in depth research on my Grahams later this year when
we go to Alexandria and DC. (By the way, I am joining Clan Sinclair Assoc.
USA, and planning on being active. Donald Sinclair has asked me to be in
charge of the Stone Mountain Games after this year.

I hope Bill is doing better.

God Bless,


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>Please convey my sympathy to those you do see.  I never had the pleasure of
>spending time with that branch as we are doubly related (St. Clairs and
>Pattersons).  If you see William Sanders please give him my love.  We

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