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Re: 5 more proofs and more

In the Nuiekerk in Amsterdam there was last summer an amazing display.
There were relics of Saint and a exposition of the loin cloth, a bit of the
umbilical cord and hairs from Jesus. I was flabbergasted but the providence
was clear.

Proof is often circumstantial.  The jury is still out on the original "What
made Henry a Prince" question    That Henry went to America is, on  balance
fairly certain.

Charles Michael Boland's book . They All Discovered America. New York:
Doubleday, 1961.  and Edward A.  Richardson's "The Builder of the Newport
(Rhode Island) Tower." February 1960 and a recent post from Susan Grady
point strongly to Orkney masons.  I can find no link with Henry from this

Frederick J. Pohl,  with "Was the Newport Tower Standing in 1632?" New
England Quarterly 18 (December 1945): 501-506.   "Communication." New
England Quarterly 19 (June 1946): 283-285.
"A Key to the Problem of the Newport Tower." Rhode Island History 7, no. 3
(July 1948): .
 "The Newport Tower: An Answer to Mr. Godfrey." Archaeology 3 (Autumn 1950):
183-184. *Refer to William Godfrey's articles in Archaeology (1949, 1950)

Godfrey maintains the Governor Arnold built the Tower.  Pohl came late to
the Henry theory.

Henry Root has brought up some interesting thoughts.  My mind is open.

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