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Newport Tower PS

(Subj: Newport Tower: sacred geometry. Post-script to Susan's/Niven's

I've added an extract from Susan's/Niven's letter below. It refers to Jim
Whittal's list of Tower observations and his reference to "sacred geometry"
however he did not expand on what that geometry was in the copy below. In
his presentation in 1997 in Orkney, at the Henry symposium sponsored by
Niven, he showed the geometry. One part of the geometry included my
contribution sent to him earlier so I'll tack on a brief reference to that.
If anyone wishes more contact me off list.

Jim showed a wooden outer shell built around the inner stone tower. (He also
had a physical model of the structure.) From an energetic point of view this
would be completely valid. It sets up an outer "power" ring complementing
the inner ring formed by the towers' 8 points or two crosses. I won't go
into the workings of this system but it uses the same grid formats used at
Rosslyn and major systems in Europe and the Americas. Built of wood...
preferably pine or better, cedar (higher energy than oak) it would
eventually rot away and effectively "turn off" the Tower to those without
higher energy capability in follow-on native groups. A safety cut-out. This
shell was Jim's idea but he used my geometry.

The double ring can be constructed by (inner ring:) spinning the Great
Pyramids' base points between its sockets, and (outer ring:) spinning the
Pyramid's apex.  I don't remember if he had found any kind of remnant or
indication of this wooden shell.

William of Crestone
Extract from Susan's letter quoting one from Niven:

"Jim Whittal (a famous archaeologist who died in Rowley, Massachusetts in
1998) knows more about the Newport Tower than any man alive.  He has studied
it, measured it and filmed it from every direction at every time of the
year.  He has done this year in and year out for more years than he cares to
remember and, yet, the mystery of the stone tower draws him back as if there
was still something to discover, something that he may have missed and which
may have been staring him in the face!

"The tower is an enigma.
But, there are many aspects of the tower which are abundantly clear and Jim
has tabulated these for our benefit, or as he puts it, for posterity to
ponder upon.

"They are tabulated hereunder:

1.  The architecture of the tower was pre-planned.  The concept was not
conceived on site or built in haste.

2.  The architecture is completely based on sacred geometry.

(remainder edited out for brevity.)