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Re: Similarities of a "Lost Child" myth

Thank you for your reply.  Would any of your publications assist me in
trying to identify Henry Sinclair, father of Captain John Sinclair of VA?
Although my "Lost Child" myth has fascinating similarities to Richard's
myth, neither he nor I see any familial ties.  I am most interested in the
fact that apparently H.S. Cummings had data in his 1955 book "Descendants of
George... for 10 generations" which suggested that my Henry James Sinclair,
b. c 1730,  was, in fact, the son of Donald the Sailor and a Jean Hamilton.
I just simply can't corroborate this.  I DO find a Daniel Sinclair and Jean
Hamilton in Dunbar w/ a son named James b. Fen 1729, but it's not at all
clear to me that his is my Henry James Sinclair.

I talked yesterday w/ the son of Jefferson Sinclair Selden in Hampton, VA.
Sadly, Mr. Selden is 92 years old now, and suffers frequent periods of
confusion (gracious I can imagine!  I'm only 52 and I'm confused much of the
time!!).  His son, though interested, has not been actively involved in the
genealogy research of his father..  I had hoped to find out if he had
rejected the data in Cummings book, or was unaware of it.  He seemed so
thorough, I would be surprised if the case were the latter.

ANY help in finding a direction for exploring the ancestry of Henry James
Sinclair of Virginia would be most appreciated!!

I'm very sorry to hear of your husband's illness.  And I will tell you that
I'm very involved in several email groups (we all have lots of lines after
all!), and I have had to learn the art of ignore and delete to deal w/ those
who boost their own ego at the expense of others...

Many thanks,
Pamela Sinclair

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| Richard,
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