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One way forward

Having returned from a self inflicted retirement, which was spent, in the company of good advisors, with whom I shared some thoughts and views, about the way information is disseminated, by certain individuals, on various lists, I picked up some valuable tips to pass on to you, if you wish to be taken seriously on any list.

1. Do not plagiarise or borrow lumps of text from academic sources, and plonk them in the message you send to the list, because your own individual style will show through in time, and make you lose credibility, even look a little silly.

2. Never, quote people out of context, as this is the sign of a born loser, loud as they may roar.

3. Try to be polite to the doubters, and remember not everyone will agree to everything you say, and some           doubters, will agree with nothing anybody says, irrespective of who they are, that's the way of the world.

4. Take off the dark glasses, and see how light it is.

5. Always be there to help the ones who have lost the path, to relocate it, you will be amply rewarded in time.

Sounds like it may work!!!
Ian of Noss Head