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Within this little span of life, by those who interest their hearts and minds in everything, there are a great many adventures to be had. This great romance that we have set out on, to find the essence and meaning of our family, creates in itself an inheritance.  That legacy gives meaning and substance to our existence. We are but pale adventures of protoplasm beginning and perhaps ending on other planets. As we grow older, each hour drains the hourglass more rapidly; each year rushes by with escalating speed, each year is a shorter time of our total life span.  No yesterday was ever wasted by those who give themselves to today


In ‘Elegy in a Country Churchyard’ Thomas Grey wrote: 

“The boast of heraldry, the pomp of pow'r, 

And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave, 

Awaits alike th' inevitable hour. 

The paths of glory lead but to the grave.”


As Scots or Scot’s descendants we have ‘stood against them’, a unique blend of Celtic, Viking, French, English and Danish blood mixed with a leaven of almost every European tribe and nation. ---Champions---.  A hero is a man who does what he can. 


It is what we do between our quicking and grave that counts. The poor man is not a man without a penny; it is a man without a vision. The need for dreams is as indisputable an instinct in man as the need of a plant for light, or the need in man to stand upright. The love of liberty is simply a indispensable irritant in a man’s dreams. 


For one more year we have battled among ourselves.  We have disagreed about historical facts. We have debated esoteric factual or mythical points. We have cat fought and sometime spit at each other. We are a family! This is what decent families do. Only Royal families have the luxury of hiring hangmen. If we if can create curiosity, we will continue learning as long as we live. We find comfort among those who agree with us. We find growth among those who do not.


Most of us are still standing here at Armageddon ready to do battle.  None of us is so rich or so stupid as to throw away the society of this extended family and electronic friends. These 200 or so people are our worldwide kith and kin.


Let us have faith that right will make might; let us dare to do our duty, as we each understand it. We grow because we struggle; learn and overcome obstacles.  We do not stand on the shoulders of giants, we are Sinclairs we are the giants.  We are not vessels to be filled; we are fires to be lit.


Bombs are not the only way of setting fire to the courage of a people; it is the human spirit that reigns supreme. If we wish it, we command it. Our resolve takes the place of reason. The terrorists who have befouled our world for so long now face the unimaginable foe. All the hate, all the guns, cannons and missiles cannot stand against an indomitable spirit and a resolute heart. Man is not the sum of what he is, he is the totality of what he might be. We have behind us over a thousand years of history, stretching back to an obscure river in Northern France and a gang of Viking hooligans defying a king; we have before us the capability and duty to change the world. 


At this time of peace, this special time we call Christmas, may the radiance of the lamp of brotherhood shine into each and every corner of this world and under the fatherhood of God may it reach into each and every steadfast heart. 


May all of us  “Commit thy work to God”.


I remain your unwavering clansman.