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Genealogy charts

Dear all - 215  (thanks to John's count)

I am going to attach a chart that I have originated using the lotus 123

It will not make much sense probably as shown - however:

1. Since I have been unable to determine how to get vertical lines in
the middle of a 'cell',  I have to print  it as is - then complete the
remainder of the lines with ruler & pencil.

2.  In the chart presented to you - all of line #3 are connected as
descendents of Daniel (line 1)

3.  The brother & sisters in line 4 would be connected as descendents of
David  (line 3).

4.  The  brothers & sisters in lines 5 AND 6 would be connected to
George W. (line 4)

5.  The brothers and sisters in line 7 would be connected to Andrew
(line 6).

6.  The brothers in line 8 are me and my brother Willard (no sisters);
these would be connected to Ernest (line 7).

7. My children, grandchildren etc or bottom left; Willard's are bottom

8. I tried scanning a completed chart (with descendency lines broadened)
so that I could attach a file showing a completed chart -  but so far
have been unable to get it to come out OK.

8.  With a bit of consideration you can see that many, many charts can
be made in tracing descendants of individaul people.

9.  The advantage of these charts as I see it is that you get a picture
of the brothers and sisters in each ancestry level and it makes you
wonder (at least for me) who & where are all the descendants of the
persons depicted.

10.  So far I have listed  genealogy data of (but not charts made) (a)
all persons shown in the chart.

11.  I have, in the recent past, picked up (from our Sinclair 'list') a
number of  persons (new cousins) and their genealogy connection into
those persons shown on the chart.

                                (Hope I am making myself clear)

12.  An accompnying catalogue of personal data can be made of any
individual with reference to (line  & name).

13.  With a chart  (2 or more if necessary as generations pile up) made
down to a newborn there is a pictorial record for that person who will
not have to start the research all over again.

14. Am I crazy?   Anyhow, comments appreciated and help is needed in
getting those vertical lines inserted on the computer.

15.  I am thinking that this should be a new twist in the use of our

Neil (Nova Scotia)