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Difficulies with email

Dear friends:
About a week ago, I advised everyone in my address book that my email address had changed.

Well, I have spoken too soon.

It would appear that my Provider, in a huge rush to get the changeover done before their existing system (based on the now bankrupt Home/Excite business) crashed,  has not been able to keep up with installation of the proposed changes.

I, and three other friends on the Rogers system have not been able to send or receive anything at our new addresses.  We get "NO SERVER" errors 

I have no idea when or how this rather major glitch will end but if you have sent emails and I have not replied -- I have a pretty good reason.

I am still getting emails at the old address of rory.sinclair@home.com  so if you would like to use that for the next few days - please do.  It is supposed to end Friday November 30th.  

I would be curious to hear if anyone has sent me emails using the new @rogers moniker  -- and what happened --- do such messages bounce or do they disappear into the ether with you thinking I have received them?

Ah life!  Ah technology!

Rory 'Gus' Sinclair in Toronto